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We are a small team of expert dietitians that can show you how to enjoy eating no matter what your nutritional need. We can introduce you to a range of delicious foods and easy to prepare meals to help you meet your individual health challenges.

Set Realistic Goals


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We can help you


Achieve optimum health and reduce your chance of developing diabetes or heart disease. We’ll teach you how to bullet proof your snacking and plan for success.


Lower your blood glucose levels with our specialized eat well plan. The plan has been designed to have plenty of flavours, lots of variety and it can be enjoyed by the whole family.


Reduce bloating and feel normal again with the medically recognized Low FODMAP food plan. The plan focuses on positive foods and includes a shopping list and recipes.


Avoid heart disease and medication by introducing a Good fat Bad fat plan. This new way of eating will satisfy your taste buds while leading to a healthy heart.

Stop Eating Disorders

This program is designed to support both patient and carer in the road to recovery. You will learn to live your life free from an eating disorder and rediscover a healthy relationship with food.

Child Nutrition Programs

Children have unique nutritional needs. Not only must they meet their requirements for daily activity, but they must also meet the special needs of growth and development.

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For a personal One on One consultation contact us on 3266 6881.  Our programs are based on proven medical and nutritional interventions that are tailored to suit you. We promise to give you the support, motivation, and empowerment for you to achieve your nutrition goals

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