There are dozens of high profile diet plans on the market, and many promise to magically shed fat off your body in a matter of weeks—often in bizarre and sometimes dangerous ways. They have names ranging from, Paleo, Atkins, South beach, Dukan, 5:2; and they all promise one thing fast, dramatic weight loss.

Celebrities, personal trainers, health junkies, or anyone who claims to have some knowledge of food often endorses these high profile diets.

While, doctors and dietitians endorse low profile diets like, GI, Mediterranean or DASH diet. These diets may not be sexy, or have dramatic weight loss claims but they make up it for it in scientific research. It is very hard to support a diet that cuts out core food groups like dairy and whole-grains and are nutritionally incomplete.

Fame should never replace the advice from an expert. You wouldn’t go to your doctor to get the oil change in your car. So why follow diets written by people who have limited scientific knowledge to back their claims. Unfortunately we don’t want to hear “healthy” to lose weight. We want to hear about diets that give dramatic, fast weight loss, in the shortest amount of time. And we spend plenty of money trying them all.

But the one diet that has been around forever is called ” healthy eating” and it’s endorsed by the nutrition experts.

High Profile diets

  • Unsustainable
  • Lacks variety
  • Often cuts out food groups
  • Hungry, grumpy, and lacks energy
  • Limits eating with friends and family
    • Short-term weight loss
    • Requires on-off effort
    • Grand gesture
    • Extreme intensity

Low Profile Diets

  • Sustainable
  • Eat from a wide variety of foods
  • Realistic changes
  • Increased energy levels
  • Focuses on portion sizes
  • Lifestyle benefits
    • Long-term weight loss
    • Weaves into your life
    • Becomes sustainable
    • Changes your habits

Final Word

High profile diets require commitment, time and planning. It’s about steamrolling your old habits with drastic and unpleasant ways of eating just to get a quick result. And before long your old habits will be back with vengeance. And this is the disaster of high profile dieting.

Always remember slow and steady wins the race. Focus on making small changes instead of drastic big ones. Make changes to your existing diet, rather than completely overhauling your eating.

By Julie Gilbert

Julie Gilbert is the Founder and Head Dietician for Solutions with Food. Having started Solutions with Food in 2004 by herself, Julie has used her knowledge & experience from over 10 years of work in the industry to now manage and run Solutions with Food into a company full of dedicated dietitians aiming to help all of its clients achieve their desired outcomes. 

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